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To make positive advancements on key social issues of our time using market-based approaches, help bridge uncommon relationships and drive business and jobs creation with entrepreneurs and companies and by offering access to high-tech education for under-served groups. Our goal is to partner with others to create the environment conducive for positive change to happen for more people.



For as long as I can remember, I have attempted to get my inventions, music and other creative works either made or to market and have fallen short. Certainly, not because of lack of a great product, effort or certain competitive skills, but primarily due to lack of access and resources.

In fact, you might think my invention or products haven’t been or are not worth the market the reasons they've not made it. And that would be incorrect. You see, I have invented disruptive products and conceived of revolutionary marketing which the former same has generated literally a billion-dollar company. And the latter has been used by a Fortune-500 company. 

I have racked up literally 3,000 + "NOs". And the thing is -- I know I am not alone! Research tells us that entrepreneurs all across the world, push hard at getting access to either capital, successful business mentors or industry-leading talent and cannot.



Approximately 60% of Entrepreneurs and business owners fail mainly due to lack of resources and education. Critically declining social issues across America results in rising conflicts and with not enough being done to combat big challenges it closes off opportunity. American ingenuity and business creation and growth are crippled while capital and industry resources exists; however, access issues and social constraints causes gridlock. 

Consequently, positive connections forming and business growth happening reduces. Risk of potentially greater long-term issues increases which are factors that contributes to destroying the fabric of our society. We can help, and I cannot rest as I feel led to doing so, + our big "YES" is there!



Depending on category, we offer entrepreneurs, businesses and consumers a way to: 1.) Effect positive social change on the issues important to them and 2.) Access the talent and resources needed to get their product or service to market, such as: mentors, development seminars, business expo's and more.


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We see what’s happening across America and her standing in the world, and the challenges facing businesses, individuals and entrepreneurs and wanted to help while positively changing the world using the power of business and collective effort. 

Additionally, we want to make our partners and us a great deal of profit in the process! 

Award-winning sales and service excellence professional with a solid business development, strategies and community organization record. And highest customer and company appreciation record consistently achieved.

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The closeout of 2018 has booming economy and consumer confidence is up! However, at the individual level, there exists tremendous social and political turmoil. Consumers, Entrepreneurs and Businesses want a way forward to help their lives/Companies/America for the better. 

Here is your chance! Get access to your YES and let's change the world! Join us by clicking the button below. Thank you.

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